ChronoSync Pegasus Edition v4.8 now includes Modifier Assistants which allow you to choose some or all of your previously created tasks and apply mass changes to them. Whether it be error handling behaviors, task monitoring, enabling Admin Access or setting up schedules, ChronoSync Pegasus Edition 4.8 makes bulk modifications easy!

Modify the error handling behaviors of one or more sync/backup tasks. The following settings may be changed: continue after errors (for containers), retry on errors, ignore EA and ACL errors, error predetermination, conflict predetermination, and post-task script execution.
Schedule one or more sync/backup tasks to run automatically. In addition to supplying a simple scheduling interval, you can optionally enable the ‘prompt before running’ and ‘retry on errors’ settings. The assistant will also check your scheduling configuration and suggest changes, if necessary.
Converts applicable targets to Admin Access on one or more sync/backup tasks. This assistant will convert the input documents to use ‘Admin Access’ to scan your local filesystem, allowing access to files that are normally off-limits to you.
Modify various settings used to monitor the status of one or more sync/backup tasks. These includes: detailed logging, log mirroring, email notifications, push notifications, screen notifications and completion sounds.