FW Version: 1.01.0000.05

Question: How to join Windows AD (Active Directory) domain?


Please check the DNS setting of “Network” setting on WebPASM. User needs to set the IP of

internal DNS server to primary or second DNS setting of Network setting. KDC (Kerberos Key

Distribution Center) means AD domain controller. If user wants to use a domain name in the setting

for KDC, please make sure the domain name can be resolved by internal DNS server. After check

the “Network” setting, set KDC name or IP to KDC field of “Protocol Control/Windows” page on

WebPASM. Other setting please refers SmartStor’s Product Manual.


The AD domain is “example.com”, AD domain controller is “server.example.com” and internal

DNS server is “”.

Step 1: Fill in “” to “Primary DNS” field at “Network” and press “OK” to apply the


Step 2: Fill in “example.com” to “Domain or Workgroup name” field at “Protocol


Step 3: Fill in “server.example.com” to “KDC” field at “Protocol Control/Windows” and also fill

the other field accordingly then press “OK” to apply the setting. If you can see a message “join AD

domain is success” after you press the “OK”, it means you are joining domain successfully.


OS support:

1. Windows 2K, 2003 Server (32-bit)

2. Windows 2003 Server (64-bit)