Intel Modular Server and VTrak E-Class Supported Configurations


Overview: This document outlines the supported configurations between the Intel Modular Server (IMS) and Promise VTrak E-Class subsystem. Promise Technology only supports the connection of the Intel Storage Controller Module (SCM) with the Promise VTrak E310s/E610s. The connection between the SCM and VTrak is made via SAS cables with SFF-8088 Mini-SAS external connectors. The SCM corresponds to Intel product code AXXSCM3S.


Pre-Requisites: In order to configure the SCM with the VTrak, the following configuration is required:

  • External Port is enabled in SCM*
  • LUNs are available on VTrak
  • LUNs are associated with SCM initiators*

- Single controller connection is 1 SCM connected to 1 VTrak controller

- Dual Controller Requirements:

  • Lun Affinity Disabled on VTrak
  • Intel Software Package upgraded to dual-controller
  • Utilize Promise Perfect Path (Install latest version)


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