Configure LDAP settings correctly via the A-Class GUI using the following Active Directory parameters:

Response TimeOut: 10 sec
LDAD Server <IP Address>
LDAP Port 389
Server Type: Windows Active Directory
Base DN: dc=aclass,dc=test,dc=com

Anonymous bind: unchecked

Bind DN: aclass\administrator

Bind Password: (password)

UID Attribute: cn

Object Class: user
Group ID Attribute: cn
Object Class of Group

Be sure your AD server has "Identity Management for UNIX" service installed.


In order to store UNIX attributes in Active Directory, you must add the "Identity Management for UNIX" Role Service; this will provide a partial RFC 2307-compliant set of UNIX attributes.  A new tab labeled "UNIX Attributes" will appear in the properties dialog box for Users and Groups in Active Directory, and each Active Directory account that will authenticate via Linux must be configured in this tab.

Once "Identity Management for UNIX" service is installed, reboot your AD server. 
After the reboot the UID/GID will be assigned to Users and Groups. 
The NAS G1100 will now display the Users and Groups correctly.

If still unable to see Users and Groups, be sure to refresh settings in the page.