If your goal is to connect multiple Mac hosts to same Vtrak E-Class please note the following:

1. Your LUN Affinity is enabled and should be the case how ever you need to make sure the LD is affinitive to the respective controller and that the LD in question is indeed the LD you are mapping to the initiator (WWPN) and that the ports are cabled accordingly to the Host FC port in question.

2. Please have in mind the following: we present unique WWNN (World Wide Node Name) per controller. We do LUN based as apposed to Target based implementation; see the following so you understand the Mac OS X implementation:

3. If the problem still exists, to better understand your configurations please register your product online: https://support.promise.com open a case and send over your server report and system profiler logs.

This will help us understand the problem you are having.

Please make sure you are using supported FC HBA models and firmware from the Apple website in your Mac environment.