1) To set up  Link Aggregation  Log into Webpam PRO and click on the category called NETWORK MANAGEMENT

2) Highlight the tab LINK AGGREGATION  and open it

3) In The LINK AGGREGATION MENU you should see PORT 1 and PORT 2 for the ISCSI VESS RAID. Select the port you want to configure

4)You will see port settings for all port on the Vess. To configure the link aggregation One port has to be MASTER. For the 1st option select a MASTER PORT  and then select the remaining port(s) you wish to aggregate.

5)Once the ports have been selected then click on  the SUBMIT buttons to save the changes

Once the link aggregation has been set in the ports you will need to configure link aggregation for FAIL OVER or ROUND ROBIN. This has to be configured in the ISCSI initiator