How to save OPAS either via USB flash drive or WebPAM ProE on the Vess R3000 Series

Via [ USB flash drive]

  1. Prepare a USB drive with FAT32 format
  2. Insert it into the USB port in the front Panel –Left Side
  3. The USB LED indicator will be flashing in Green and starts to beep. After that beeps sound stop and the LED indicator stays solid in Green, it means that the OPAS device has been detected and collected. If the USB LED indicator flashes red, check that the USB drive was inserted correctly or use another USB flash drive with FAT32 format as the OPAS operation has failed.


Here is an example of OPAS via a USB flash drive


Via [ WebPAM ProE]

  1. Login with username and password (default username: administrator; password: password)
  2. Click the Generate Service Report in the Header (very top of the web interface, next to the Events/Alarm icon. It looks like a ‘download’ icon.) Information for the report is gathered and compiled. This action takes up to a few minutes, depending on the report size of your RAID system.
  3. The Vess will generate a system Service Report and depending on your browser's configuration you may either be prompted to select where to save the file, or the file may be automatically saved to your downloads folder.

This links to a Promise KB article on how to attach files to a web support case: