In certain instances, the file system of the PegasusPro R8/R16 may be susceptible to corruption, typically due to abnormal shutdowns, power failures, or hard disk malfunctions. The extent of file system corruption can vary, and in unfortunate cases, this may result in the failure to load the team volume and its folders, leading to filesystem errors.

 To address and repair a corrupted file system, please follow these steps:

  • Log in to the unit's WebPAM Insight.
  • Navigate to Storage -> Team.
  • Locate the desired Volume, click the three dots underneath, and select "Start Repair."
  • Choose "Normal" as the Repair Mode to initiate the filesystem repair process.



Important Considerations:

  •  During the file system repair, the volume will be unmounted and inaccessible.
  • All team folders associated with the team volume will be temporarily unavailable.
  • The duration of the file system repair process may vary based on the size of the volume.
  • In the event that the Normal mode repair proves unsuccessful, consider attempting the "Force" mode to repair the filesystem.