If there is a problem or support is needed to configure a Promise product it will be necessary to register the product and open a support case.

Registering your product:

Product registration must be done at

Please disable any popup blockers for this site.


The first step is to create a new user, click the New User Registration button..

Fill out the required fields...

Now that you have a user account, the next step is to login and register your Promise storage.

Choose your product from the drop-down list.

Select the number of products to register, usually that would be 1.

Enter the product serial number, date purchased (then click Get Warranty) and enter the OS information and click the Complete Registration button at the bottom.

To find the serial number of your product, please consult the guide titled How to Locate Your Serial Number

Now that the product is registered, the next task is to open a support case.

Select the product you just registered from the pull-down menu.

Fill out the required fields, give a clear description of the problem and upload a service report if possible. A service report serves as a valuable resource for technical support in troubleshooting and diagnosing issues on your device. In the majority of troubleshooting scenarios, Promise Support relies on the service report to effectively diagnose problems. This comprehensive report includes event logs, configuration details, and the status of all hardware components, providing crucial insights essential for accurate issue resolution.

To upload a service report, please refer to the specific instructions tailored for your product family:

- Pegasus Family: Pegasus Family Service Report Guide 

- PegasusPro Family: PegasusPro Family Service Report Guide

- Vess R Series: Vess R Series Service Report Guide

- VTrak Family: VTrak Family Service Report Guide

- Vess A Series:Vess A Series Service Report Guide

The Knowledge Base contains articles on saving service reports from various products via

To upload the service report, click the Attach button, the Choose File menu will appear, select the file and click Upload Files, the menu will disappear.  Then click Submit to complete the process.

Promise Technical Support will contact you by phone or by responding to the CRM, when the CRM is responded to an email will be sent to the email address entered in the user account.

Note: To learn how to attach files to your web support case, please visit the Promise Knowledge Base link: Attaching Files to Your Web Case. If you encounter difficulties responding to this web support case, it might be due to your browser's pop-up blocker. Please disable the pop-up blocker and attempt to click on the case ID to open it.