This can be done by connecting a Pegasus32 R4 ideally of the same capacity. Connect the Pegasus32 R4 to the Mac Pro and follow these steps.

Note: Both the Pegasus R4i MPX module and the Pegasus32 R4 can be stripped together using the macOS disk utility. Follow these simple steps:


Step 1. Please be sure to create a logical drive on the Pegasus32 R4 and Pegasus R4i. Please use the Promise utility to determine if you them created. Please see link to download the latest Promise utility.

Step 2. Once you have the logical drives created. Open Disk utility --> file --> Raid Assistance

Select RAID type

Select the volumes created via the R4i and Pegasus32 R4 *NOTE  Pic below is using 4 drives from an 8bay Pegasas32 R8. The Pegasus32 R8 is the 8bay version of the Pegasus32 R4. 

Select your stripe size, name the stripe volume. 

Your done.


Once the RAID stripe is created we benchmarked.

Test Software: Blackmagic Design, Disk Speed Test 3.2

Test Hardware: Mac Pro 2019 8 core Xeon, 32gb ECC DIMMs, 580x Module, Pegasus32 4 x 14TB 7200rpm and Pegasus R4i 4x8TB 7200

The performance numbers should be similar to what is exhibited below. Results may vary.