Product: UltraTrak SX8000

Platform: Windows OS

Firmware/Bios Version: 1.130

Installation applies to Ultratrak Sx4000,RM4000,RM15000

This is an installation procedure for webpam that applies to the Ultratrak subsystems.Please follow these steps to ensure smooth installation of the Webpam software

1: Make sure that you are running build 1.30 for the UltratrakRM

2: Enable the Promise RAID console manager in the LCD Panel

3: Reboot the Windows system and load the RAID CONSOLE INF driver

4: Thru the ADD HARDWARE WIZARD install RAID CONSOLE as a System Device

5: Proceed to install Web PAM.

6: During the install you will need to Select EXTERNAL Subsystem

7: Add features UTILITY and CIMON

8: Finish installation

Once the utility is install you will need to type in the IP adress of the host to get the Web PAM log In

Additional Information: Note Web does not work with the Ultratrak TX8 and TX4