Product:  FastTrak 100

Step 1 : Create a DOS bootable diskette with either Windows 98/XP/2003. If you don't have the OS available to make the boot diskette then go to WWW.BOOTDISK.COM and download the utility there to create a boot disk.

Step 2 : Download the bios zip file from Promise site and unzip it to the bootable floppy that was create. From the extraction of the file you will notice that there is a executable file (example : PTIFLASH.EXE) which is the flash utility and a binary file (example : FT100B24.BIN) which is the updated bios file.

Step 3 : Boot to the floppy and get to an "A:\" prompt and type PTIFLASH /F "name of binary file without the quote" (example : PTIFLASH /F FT100B24.BIN). This will flash the card and you will get a message update success or ok. Remove the floppy and reboot the system.

Additional Information: This procedure applies to most Promise RAID controller.