1].Click the Pool tab.

2].Click the Pool List sub-menu, under Overview menu. By default, the overview menu is expanded.
The list of pools appears.

3].Select the pool you want and click gear icon and select the Expand Pool menu, or select Expand Pool button on top side.

4].When this original pool is configured on HDD at its creation. Choose a Media Type, HDD or External Drive.

  • If select HDD, show a front view of Physical Drives, in which the configurated HDD drives masked with blue stripe,  and the SSD drives masked with gray stripe and a block icon are unavailable.
  • If select External Drive, show a list of External Drives, in which the configurated external drives with gray background are unavailable.

5].In the Selected Drives diagram for HDD or SSD, click the available drives of front view to add them to your pool. In the Selected Drives list for External Drive, click the first check box of external list to add them to your pool.

Note: The numbers of the chosen physical drives should support the current pool's RAID Level ; The same RAID level should be used for pool expansion.

6].When you have finished your choices, click the Save button.