To Disable the Immediate Data option, you need to get to the CLI menu.  Telnet may work but some terminal programs may intercept some keyboard combination commands. If you are unable to get to the advanced options via telnet, please try a serial connection directly to the Vtrak.  Once you are logged into the VTrak, try the following:


1)   Log into the command line via Serial or telnet to port 2300.


2)   At the CLI Prompt, type Menu

3)   Highlight iSCSI Management.  Do not hit enter to go to the next menu level.

4)   Press “CTRL” + “SHIFT” + “-“  (Control Shift Minus) keys at the same time.  The iSCSI management option should change to advanced iSCSI Management

5)   Choose advanced iSCSI Management

6)   Choose Node Settings.  You may need to choose which iSCSI port and disable this setting for both ports.

7)   Disable Immediate Data

8)   Save the change

9)   Reboot the VTrak