Product: FastTrak TX4310

Product Description: HBA

Platform: Any

Firmware/Bios Version: v2.5.1.3119 or later



Note* If its your boot drive first place card in system with nothing attached load drivers in Operating System then shut system down move OS Hard drive over to card then follow steps below!

1.) Then Control-F get into promise bios once it there check to see if the data drives was made a JBOD if so Make sure your on the latest Bios Version v2.5.1.3119 or later.

2.) Then if so go to option 3 Delete LD and delete JBOD logical disk.

3.) The with both drives attached go to option 2 Define LD press Enter change Raid Mode to RAID 1 arrow over and turn Fast Init: OFF then place a Y next both disks then hit Control – Y and hit Enter.

4.) You should have a Functional Array.

5.) Now shut system off pull the drive without Data on it and boot back up it should say that the array is Critical let it boot all the way into windows.        

6.) Then shut down place the other drive back on controller the array should still be Critical boot into windows open Web Pam (Promise Array Manager) at then you should see that the array is in a Rebuild state. Let it rebuild and your Done!