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A. How to Configure and Cancel Apollo Mirroring (Windows)
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Note: These instructions are also applicable to Apollo 2 Duo users.

A. How to Configure and Cancel Apollo Mirroring (Windows)

  1. Open the Apollo Utility and go to the Preferences tab. Then, click on the Apollo Mirror icon.

  2. Make sure your destination Apollo is unclaimed, and both Apollos are on the same local network to start with. Once the initial Mirror is complete, one Apollo can be moved to any location in the world that has an internet connection.

    Click Start to proceed.

  3. If there are more than one unclaimed Apollos on your local network, you will see a list of serial numbers for the unclaimed Apollo devices that have been discovered. If you're not certain which Apollo device you want to execute the mirror process, check the serial number on the bottom of the Apollo unit.

    Choose the destination Apollo and click Start to proceed.

  4. You will receive the following prompt:
    "Setting-up Mirroring will also empty your trash. Are you sure to continue?"
    Make sure to revise the files that are in your trash prior to proceeding with the mirroring process.

    Click on Continue to proceed.

  5. The validation code will be sent to the owner's email address. Enter the validation code provided into the prompt and click the Next button to proceed. When the validation code is accepted, the mirroring process will being.
    Note: The mirroring process will also claim the destination Apollo.

  6. The mirror progress bar appears in the Apollo Mirror window until the mirroring is completed.
    You may cancel the process at any time by clicking Stop Mirroring.
    Note: Mirroring can take serveral hours to finish processing (Depeding how much data is being mirrored). 

  7. After the mirroring process has successfully completed, the destination (target) Apollo will be renamed with the same name as the source Apollo. In addition, you will receive a dialogue stating that the Apollos are now mirrored.

  8. You may also cancel the mirror configuration by clicking the Cancel Mirror Configuration button. 
    A dialogue prompt will appear once the Cancel Mirror Configuration button has been clicked.

    Note: Cancelling the Apollo mirror will disable the sync between the two Apollos. The destination Apollo will need to be reset before starting a new mirror.

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