If your PROMISE products , Vess A6600P and A6800P is encountering multiple disk dead at the same time or triggering repeated warning messages like “PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1909&SUBSYS_19091849&REV_07” at Event Viewer > Windows Logs > System , please check the FW version of ASM chip.


[How to check the FW version of ASM chip]

If you're not familiar with these operations, you can directly jump to Step 3.

  1. Copy the ASM116xMPTool to a Windows 10 Operating System.
    [Find the ASM116xMPTool_v1230.zip file at the bottom and extract it.]
  2. Execute ASM116xMPTool with administrator privileges.
  3. Check if the firmware version is upgraded to 221118-0054-00.
    If the firmware version is not 221118-0054-00, please contact the PROMISE technical support team at https://support.promise.com/
  4. How to check the firmware version using the ASM116x tool: