The Promise VTrak Ex30 series with firmware v4.02.0000.00 and newer can support up to 7 additional VTrak Jx30 series expansion chassis.

With one 4U, 24 bay VTrak Ex30 RAID head, and 7 of the 4U, 24 bay VTrak Jx30 expansion chassis installed, you can support up to 192 physical hard disk drives.

example: (One Ex30 + Seven Jx30) x 24 drives per chassis = 192 drives

Firmware updates for the VTrak Ex30 series can be found in the Promise Technology Download Center.  Always keep firmware up to date. Please update to the latest firmware whenever available.

- Note - Only hard disk drives qualified by Promise Technology are supported with the VTrak subsystem family. Other hard disk drives may be unreliable and are not supported.

Please go to the Promise Technology Download Center to find the latest supported hard drive compatibility lists for all Promise Technology products.