KB 10168 - Using the VessRAID Power Scheduler

The VessRAID subsystem can be configured to power-on and power-off automatically.

The Power Scheduler feature can be used to turn on the VessRAID for scheduled backups, then turn off the VessRAID when the task is completed. Other uses include turning the VessRAID on during work hours and off when users will not need to access the subsystem.

When in Power-Off standby mode, the system will consume less than 5 Watts.

Configuration of the Power Scheduler can be done via WebPAM, the browser-based management console.

Scheduling Power-On or Power-Off Activity

To create a power schedule begin by logging in to WebPAM and clicking on the subsystem icon in the main menu tree.

From the drop-down menu on the Scheduler tab, choose either the Add Power-On Schedule or Add Power-Off Schedule option.

The following is an example of using the Power On Schedule interface:

For this example the VessRAID has been scheduled to power-on at 8 A.M. every weekday, beginning January 1, 2010, and this schedule never expires. A corresponding power-off schedule must be created to complete the power-on / power-off cycle.

You can create multiple schedules and enable only the one you want to use by checking the Enable this Schedule check-box and un-checking the others.

The scheduler allows every possible option for scheduling, which makes this feature very useful for a variety of applications.

You will see a completion message after your new schedule is saved, and you can view a list of all schedules by clicking on the Scheduler tab. Select the link to the schedule you want to view or edit.

Choose the Delete Schedules item from the drop-down menu to view a list of all available schedules where you can select one or more to delete.

Important Notes:
  1. The main power switch on each power supply must be in the ON position for the VessRAID to wake up at a scheduled time.
  2. If you create a Power Off scedule you must also create a Power On schedule to wake up the VessRAID.
  3. If you need to wake up a VessRAID that has been shut down by a Power Off schedule before the next Power On schedule - or you forgot to create a Power On schedule - you have to turn off the power switch on all power supplies, un-plug and then plug back in the power cords, then turn on the power switch on all power supplies.