To use the One Touch Backup feature you MUST create a scheduled backup first in SmartNAVI (or SmartSYNC NAS Utility – which is now old discontinued software). Open the SmartNAVI Messenger in Windows XP/Vista, select the desired NAS unit from the list to access the SmartNAVI GUI. Then select the SmartSYNC Icon from the top menu.  Select “Back/Schedule – NAS” on the left pane then select files you wish to backup.








                                                          When finished selecting files select “schedule” from the bottom right pane, choose the interval and time to backup your files, and then select “add”.






You are finished creating a schedule and can use the One Touch feature but “pushing” the “One Touch Button” on the front of the NS4300N (located below power switch). The NS2300N does not have a dedicated “One Touch Button”, to use the feature; simply push the “Power Button” for “1 Sec”.  If you own multiple SmartStors, you will need to log into each unit and create a schedule.