Updating Firmware on the NS2300

Firmware Versions
The first step it to determine if the firmware on your unit needs to be upgraded, so you have to log in to the WebPAM management interface and check which firmware revision is present on your unit. You can do this by expanding the System tree on the left side of the interface and clicking on the System Information link; the firmware revision will be listed under Version.

Here is the firmware version history:
Initial Release                     1.03.0000.07
Service Release 1                1.05.0000.05
Service Release 1.1             1.05.0000.09
Service Release 1.3             1.05.0000.12

You must perform incremental firmware updates for this product. For example, if your unit has the initial firmware release version of 1.03.0000.07 on it, you must install Service Release 1 and Service Release 1.1 before you can install the latest Service Release 1.3.

Creating a RAID Volume
You must have a disk volume present on your unit to perform a firmware upgrade; if you do not have one yet, you can create one by logging in to WebPAM, selecting RAID and Filesystems and clicking on RAID Management. Click the Create tab on the right side, choose the RAID level you want to use, assign the disks you would like to use for the RAID array, and click OK. Your volume should be ready for use once it completes the format process.

Getting the Firmware
You begin the upgrade process by downloading the required firmware release files on to your computer from the Promise support web page.

Connect to the NS2300 shares over your network and log in. If you are using Windows you would go to the Start menu, select the Run… option, and enter the name you gave the NS2300. 
For example: \MyNAS
Open the PUBLIC folder and copy the firmware upgrade files there.

Upgrading the Firmware
Log back in to WebPAM if your session has timed out, expand the Management tree, click on System Upgrade and click on the Firmware Upgrade tab.

Select the PUBLIC folder in the Folder drop-down, enter the name of the firmware file you want to load and click OK. The system should perform the upgrade and then display a dialog indicating the status of the firmware update. If it was successful you will see a message that the unit will reboot to complete the process.

ns2300010505.upg for SR1
ns2300010509.upg for SR1.1
ns23000105012.upg for SR1.3

Repeat this procedure for each of the required versions until the unit is running the latest firmware release.