How do I setup the NAS's DLNA so the PS3 can see the NAS's?


Fist you should have the latest firmware on your NAS, second you will need the latest DLNA plug-in both can be found at


After you install the latest DLNA plug-in go to File & Print\Application Plug-ins and make sure the DLNA plug-in is enabled.

This part is optimal, When searching for a DLNA device on the PS3 it will give the NAS a name the name of the NAS can be changed here under Network in the Setup tab. Where is says Computer Name this is what will be displayed on the NAS.

Now that you have your DLNA plug-in installed and enabled go to your PS3 and go to Video and select "Search for Media Servers" Your PS3 will begin to scan your network for any DLNA device. This may take 1-2 minutes.

If this done correctly then your PS3 should now see the NAS like shown below.