In order for Promise Technical Support to provide the highest level of service, Promise Technical Support will request that you provide the following:

  1. Chassis SN#
  2. TLA# (can be found on the chassis sticker next to SN#)
  3. System Service Report (subsysteminfo)

For security reasons we strongly recommend to always use a password i.e. don’t leave the password field blank.

Saving the VTrak System Service Report (subsysteminfo):

To save the subsysteminfo via WebPAM PROe

Log into the VTrak EClass RAID via WebPAM PROe. Once logged in, on the left hand side in the upper corner of the screen there is a window pane that will show the IP address of the VTrak EClass RAID (see screen capture below).

Click on the IP address. Once the new page comes up after clicking on the “Save” button you will be prompted to save the subsystem information report (see screen capture below).

Once you click Save, choose a location for the file that will be easy to find; like your Desktop.