How do I reset the password on the VTrak?

This procedure can be used to reset the VTrak administrator password if it is lost or forgotten.

*Be sure to give the default user name and password a try.

User Name: administrator

Password: password

You will need to call Promise Tech Support to provide you with a special firmware that will reset the VTrak back to factory defaults. This special firmware will NOT erase any of your array information. It will delete any user information you may have created as well as the network settings. All of the array information is stored on the hard drives, and it will not be effected by the reset.

When you call Technical Support, they will ask you for some information so that they can provide you with the correct firmware.

1. What is the model of your VTrak subsystem?

The sticker on top of the unit can provide you with this information. It is located at the right rear of the system on top.

2. What firmware version is currently on the VTrak subsystem?

If you know the IP Address for the management port on the VTrak, you can initiate a Telnet session to the VTrak. Remember to use port 2300. The login screen will display the current firmware version on the VTrak.

Once you have located this information, you can give Technical Support a call, and they will be happy to send you the firmware that can reset the controller back to factory defaults.

Please follow the steps indicated in KB Article #10162 to flash the firmware.

Please contact Technical Support at 408-228-1400 Option 4.