To enable LUN Affinity on a Single controller MAC SKU before upgrading to a dual controller configuration.


  1. On your Mac OS X system, Open a Terminal window.
  2. From the terminal window telnet to the Promise VTrak EClass system. The default telnet port on the VTrak is 2300.
    • command: telnet <IP> <PORT>
    • example: telnet 2300
  3. Login to the Promise VTrak EClass with your user name and password.
    • The default user name is: administrator
    • The default password is: password
  4. At the VTrak's CLI prompt, issue this command (including the quote marks):
         ctrl -a mod -i 1 -s "lunaffinity=enable”
  5. Verify that LUN Affinity is now Enabled. At the VTrak's CLI prompt, issue this command:
         ctrl –v
  6. In the ctrl -v command's text output, look for LUNAffinity: Enabled
  7. Once you verify that Lun Affinity is Enabled, you can Close the Terminal window.



  1. Download the configuration script attached to this article. Please note the location of the file download. 
  2. Login to the VTrak's WebPAM PROeuser interface
  3. Click on Administrative Tools in the left-hand window and then click on Import on the right-hand window. 
  4. Choose Configuration Script from the Type drop-down menu.
  5. Click the Browse button and then navigate to the configuration script location from Step 1.
  6. Click Open to choose the script for import. Local File Name will show the full path and file name for the script.
  7. Click the Submit button. The script will load and modify the LUN Affinity settings.
  8. Confirm LUN Affinity is Enabled.
    1. Click on Controllers in the left-hand window.
    2. In the right-hand window, click on Controller 1 to view controller information.
    3. Click on the Settings tab.
    4. Verify there is a Check Mark beside Enable LUN Affinity.
  9. Once you verify that Lun Affinity is enabled, please Logout from WebPAM PROe.