Product: Ultra100TX2

Platform: Windows, Novell, Linux

Firmware/Bios Version: all

Cause: Booting from Ultra 100TX2 w/additonal SCSI Controller in System, BIOS, Configuration, PCI Slot preference, CMOS BIOS settings.

Solution: If you have an actual SCSI controller in the system, the computer will attempt to boot from whichever controller is seen first. To get one controller to be seen before another, you must get it’s BIOS to load first. Manipulating the BIOS address that the card is set to use normally does this. However, the Ultra100 is fully PnP. This means that only the PnP BIOS on the motherboard can control which resources our card uses. In most cases, the PCI slot with the highest priority will be assigned the lowest BIOS address. On most motherboards, the PCI slot with the highest priority is PCI slot #1.