Product: Ultra100TX2

Platform: all

Firmware/Bios Version: all

Cause: change the Boot Sequence in your CMOS, PCI Slot preference, Motherboard Compataibility.

Solution: There are two ways to make the Ultra100 be the bootable device. One way is to make sure there are no HDDs on the motherboard controllers. The motherboard will not find a bootable device, and allow the Ultra100 to boot. The other way is to change the Boot Sequence in your CMOS to boot from SCSI first. Since the system will see the Ultra100 as a SCSI controller, this will tell the motherboard to ignore it’s own controllers and allow our card to be the boot device. Another way of seeing the card as the bootable is from a hard drive sub-menu. It may appear under the "other" category. This last way seems to be more common in recent motherboards. Check with your MB manufacturer as to how the PCI bootable card will be seen by the boot priority selection of their motherboard. Then select it as the first boot device when you want to boot to the drive attached to the first connector.