The Force read ahead (forcereadahead) policy doesn’t work after I have enabled it?


I have enabled the forcereadahead (force read ahead) policy under the WebPAM PROe, and I notice that there is not update or activity or performance changes. Is something wrong, am I doing something wrong?


The following information are instructions for manually configuring Promise VTrak RAIDs for best performance.

You are not doing anything wrong, in the forcereadahead policy process there is a slight delay of 5 to 10 minutes before it is taken into affect by the vtrak. After this period, you may restart the VTrak subsystem. You do not need to follow these steps if you use the configuration Apple script method. It should be enabled by the script. If you have to manually configure or manually enable the Force Read Ahead. Then, you can follow the instruction below.


Enable Force Read Ahead Policy

1. Connect to the VTrak RAID via the WebPAM PROe administration tool. If you are not certain what IP Address is assigned to the Promise RAID, refer to the Product Manual. If an alert appears in your Web browser, see this article
2. Authenticate when prompted. If you are not certain what administrator name and password is assigned to the Promise RAID, refer to the Product Manual.

1.     Log-in to WebPAM PROe.

2.     Accept the Security Information if any

3.     In the left hand tree window, click on the + sign of Controllers

4.     Select Controller 1           

5.     Click on the Setting Tab

6.     Select the Force Read Ahead check box

7.     Then, click on Submit button.


To enable Force Read Ahead from CLU menu

1.     Follow to CLU menu from CLI Log-in

2.     Type Menu, then <Enter>

3.     Arrow down to Subsystem Management, then <Enter>

4.     Arrow down to Controller Management, then <Enter>

5.     Select Controller ID1, then <Enter>

6.     Arrow down to Controller Settings, then <Enter>

7.     Arrow down to Force Read Ahead <Press Space key> to make a change

8.     Arrow down to Save Settings

For pics of the step by step instructions please click on the word doc attachment.