The Vess R3600 is a high-performance storage system designed for enterprise-level storage applications. It supports cascading with the Vess J3600 JBOD expansion units to provide additional storage capacity. Below, we will address the frequently asked question regarding the number of Vess J3600 JBOD units that can be cascaded with the Vess R3600.

Q: How many Vess J3600 JBOD units can be cascaded with the Vess R3600?

A: The Vess R3600 storage system is capable of cascading up to twelve Vess J3600 JBOD expansion units.

About the Vess R3600:
The Vess R3600 is a high-performance storage system manufactured by Promise Technology. It is designed to meet the demanding storage requirements of enterprise and data center environments. The Vess R3600 offers scalability, reliability, and flexibility, making it suitable for a wide range of storage applications.

About the Vess J3600 JBOD:
The Vess J3600 JBOD is an expansion unit specifically designed to work in conjunction with the Vess R3600 storage system. It provides additional storage capacity to the R3600, allowing users to expand their storage infrastructure as needed. The Vess J3600 JBOD supports up to 16 drives per device, enabling users to store large amounts of data.

Cascading Vess J3600 JBOD with Vess R3600:
In the case of the Vess R3600, it supports cascading up to twelve Vess J3600 JBOD units.By connecting multiple Vess J3600 JBOD units to the Vess R3600, users can significantly increase their storage capacity. This is especially beneficial for organizations that deal with large amounts of data and require scalable storage solutions. The cascaded JBOD units work seamlessly with the Vess R3600, appearing as a single logical storage unit.

Benefits of cascading with Vess J3600 JBOD:
- Increased storage capacity: Cascading Vess J3600 JBOD units with the Vess R3600 allows for the expansion of storage capacity, accommodating growing data requirements.
- Simplified management: The cascaded JBOD units appear as a single logical unit, simplifying storage management and administration tasks.
- Improved performance: The combined storage capacity of the cascaded JBOD units enhances overall system performance, allowing for efficient data storage and retrieval.

The Vess R3600 storage system can cascade up to twelve Vess J3600 JBOD expansion units, enabling users to expand their storage capacity while maintaining performance and manageability. By leveraging cascading, organizations can meet their growing storage needs and effectively store and manage their data.