Products Affected:
  • SuperTrak EX4650
  • SuperTrak EX8650
  • SuperTrak EX8654
  • SuperTrak EX8658
  • SuperTrak EX16650


  1. Remotely install Windows 2008 via network connection
  2. System board has Intel 5100 memory controller hub chipset


Failure Mode/Symptom:

When doing a network install of Windows 2008, after the initial reboot, Windows fails to boot up into Setup page for continuation. Instead, Windows 2008 hangs at the Microsoft logo screen.

In the same environment, Windows 2008 can be installed locally from the onboard drive and boot up without problem.



Disable the “Read Completion Coalescing” feature of Intel 5100 Memory Controller Hub Chipset.

To disable:

Go into the system BIOS menu -> Chipset -> North Bridge Configuration -> Read Completion Coalescing -> Disable.


Additional Comments:

The root cause of DMA errors is caused by the "Read Completion Coalescing" feature of Intel 5100 Memory Controller Hub Chipset.

According to Intel 5100 Memory Controller Hub Chipset Specification Update ( Page 18, users must disable this feature when using Windows Server 2008.