This article describes error threshold default values for VTrak E-5000 series.

This table represents the old and new values:



SR 4.0.1

SR 4.0.2

Reassigned Block Threshold (BBM Threshold)



Error Block Threshold (Media Patrol Threshold)



Medium Error Threshold






SCSI Command Timeout Value

30 seconds (fixed)

10 - 60 seconds (adjustable via CLI)


Default value changes will take effect under the following conditions:


  1.  The controller came from the factory with the new firmware.
  2.  A factory default restore was issued.
  3.  Values were manually set in WebPAM, or CLI




Reassigned Block Threshold, also called Bad Block Manager Threshold (BBM Threshold), reads the grown defect list on SAS drives (known as the “GList”).   On SATA drives, the BBM reads the DDF area written to the drive by the VTrak firmware. Please note that the BBM count can only be cleared on SATA drives, and the array information must be deleted first. If the BBM threshold has been reached, PDM will begin.


PDM-  Pleaserefer to



Error Block Threshold is also called the Media Patrol Threshold.  If the threshold has been reached, PDM will begin.  Media Patrol Threshold isattributed to I/O errors occurring during read/write operations:



PdId: 3
OperationalStatus: OK
PhysicalCapacity: 931.51GB            ConfigurableCapacity:931.32GB
UsedCapacity: 931.32GB                BlockSize:512Bytes
ConfigStatus: Array0 SeqNo1           Location:Encl1 Slot3
ModelNo: SEAGATE ST31000640SS         VisibleTo: AllControllers
SerialNo: 9QJ5AM78                    FirmwareVersion:0003
DriveInterface: SAS 3Gb/s             Protocol:SPC-3
WWN: 5000-c500-1003-839f              NumOfPorts:2
Port1Speed: 3Gb/s                     Port2Speed:3Gb/s
Port1SASAddress: 50-00-c5-00-10-03-83-9d
Port2SASAddress: 50-00-c5-00-10-03-83-9e
WriteCacheSupport: Yes                WriteCache:Enabled
RLACacheSupport: Yes                  RLACache:Enabled
ReadCacheSupport: Yes                 ReadCache:Enabled
CmdQueuingSupport: Yes                CmdQueuing:Enabled
MediumErrorThreshold: 0
Errors: 0                             NonRWErrors:0
ReadErrors: 0                          WriteErrors:0
DriveTemperature: 34C/93F             ReferenceDriveTemperature:68C/154F


Medium Error Threshold is a global physical drive setting. The value is the number of bad blocks tolerated before the controller marks the drive as dead.  The value can be set from 0 to 4294967294. The threshold only functions when the array is in an OK or Degraded state. It will not function if the array is critical or if a non-redundant RAID type (Raid 0) is used.


SMART stands for  Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology.  If enabled, a polling interval can be assigned.   SMART will report errors detected on the disk and PDM will start if the threshold has been reached.






BBM Threshold– (1~2048)


administrator@cli>bga -a mod -s "BBMThreshold=1024"


MediaPatrol Threshold – (1~2048)


administrator@cli>bga -a mod -s "ErrorBlock=128"


MediumError Threshold – (0~4294967294)


administrator@cli>phydrv -a mod -s "MediumErrorThreshold=64"


administrator@cli>ctrl -a mod -s "smart=disable"

NOTE: Separate from these values, a physical drive will always be marked dead if 5 command timeouts are detected within a 30 minute time period.


SCSI Command Timeout Value via CLI (SR 4.0.2 or newer):

WARNING!! Changing this parameter can cause stability problems. Lowering the value can cause premature drive set downs and increasing the value greater than 30 seconds can cause your host application to crash. We strongly recommend to leave this value at 30 seconds unless you know what you are doing.

This command (example) will set 10 second PD timeout value from the default 30-second setting:

administrator@cli>ctrl -a mod -s " PDTimeOutValue=10"

To verify the controller setting

administrator@cli>ctrl -v

Example output highlighted in red:

CtrlId: 1


OperationalStatus: OK                  PowerOnTime: 8 minutes

ControllerRole: Primary                ReadinessStatus: Active

LUNAffinity: Enabled                   LunmappingMethod: Name Based

CacheUsagePercentage: 0%               DirtyCachePercentage: 0%


PartNo: F29000020000177                SerialNo: MA6D16618400010

HWRev: B1                              WWN: 2100-0001-555b-41af

CmdProtocol: SCSI-3

MemType: DDR4 SDRAM  (Slot 1)          MemSize:   4 GB  (Slot 1)

       : DDR4 SDRAM  (Slot 2)                 :   4 GB  (Slot 2)

       :        N/A  (Slot 3)                 :    N/A  (Slot 3)

       :        N/A  (Slot 4)                 :    N/A  (Slot 4)

FlashType: Flash Memory                FlashSize: 16 GB

NVRAMType: SRAM                        NVRAMSize: 1 MB

BootLoaderVersion: 15.27.0000.07       BootLoaderBuildDate: N/A

FirmwareVersion: 11.07.0000.12         FirmwareBuildDate: Oct 9, 2019

SoftwareVersion: 11.03.0000.57         SoftwareBuildDate: Oct 9, 2019


DiskArrayPresent: 0                    OverallRAIDStatus: OK

LogDrvPresent: 0                       LogDrvOnline: 0

LogDrvOffline: 0                       LogDrvCritical: 0

PhyDrvPresent: 0                       PhyDrvOnline: 0

PhyDrvOffline: 0                       PhyDrvPFA: 0

GlobalSparePresent: 0                  DedicatedSparePresent: 0

RevertibleGlobalSparePresent: 0        RevertibleDedicatedSparePresent: 0

RevertibleGlobalSpareUsed: 0           RevertibleDedicatedSpareUsed: 0


WriteThroughMode: No                   MaxSectorSize: 4 KB

PreferredCacheLineSize: 64 KB          CacheLineSize: 64 KB

Coercion: Enabled                      CoercionMethod: GBTruncate

MigrationStorage: DDF                  CacheFlushInterval: 3 second(s)

PollInterval: 15 second(s)             AdaptiveWBCache: Enabled

HostCacheFlushing: Disabled            ForcedReadAhead: Enabled

ALUA: Enabled                          PowerSavingIdleTime: Never

PowerSavingStandbyTime: Never          PowerSavingStoppedTime: Never

PerfectRebuildAvailable: 64

VAAIsupport: Disabled                  SSDTrimSupport: Enabled

SMART: Disabled                        SMARTPollingInterval: 10 minutes

SSDSmartPollInterval: 24 hour(s)       SSDLifeThreshold: 10%

SSDRemainReserveBlockThreshold: 10%

QoSType: Disabled                      QosUpperBound: 128 MiB/s

PDTimeOutValue: 10 seconds