Question: Does the SuperTrak SAS/SATA family of controllers support command queuing? NCQ & TCQ?

Answer: Yes. The SuperTrak SAS/SATA family of controllers support both NCQ and TCQ command queuing.  NCQ is used with SATA Hard Drives and TCQ is with SAS Hard Drives.

SuperTrak SAS/SATA family of controllers:

  • SuperTrak EX4650
  • SuperTrak EX8650
  • SuperTrak EX8654
  • SuperTrak EX8658

All cards listed above will support NCQ and TCQ command queuing on direct attached hard drives.

Drives in external enclosures behind SAS expanders will work differently depending on the controller's Firmware/BIOS versions. Information below shows external support for SAS expanders related to Firmware/BIOS versions.

First Release - Firmware/BIOS version 1.02
 - Does not support SAS expanders

Service Release 1 - Firmware/BIOS version 1.04
 - Supports SAS expander on Promise JBOD only. SAS TCQ is supported. SATA NCQ is disabled.