PROMISE VTrak Keep Your Drive Option allows Customers to retain possession of their failed hard drive(s) (SATA or SAS drive) when receiving replacement hard drives pursuant to a Qualified RMA. A “Qualified RMA” includes a repair and/or replacement of a defect(s) in workmanship occurring within the hardware warranty period applicable to Customer’s Supported Product(s).

Keep Your Drive Option is available with PROMISE’s VTrak series product**. KYHD3Y option contract runs concurrently with the 3 years VTrak hardware standard limited warranty and is available at point of sale or anytime before the system experiences a hard drive failure while the system remains under limited warranty. A separate KYHD3Y contract must be purchased for each VTrak system or “chassis.” (A single contract will cover all the hard drives contained within an individual VTrak chassis.) PROMISE will only replace a failing hard drive that was pre-test and shipped from PROMISE. The failed drive has to be installed and deployed in a PROMISE VTrak subsystem, excluding items purchased from other supplier or directly from the original hard drive vendor. 

Product ID : KYHD3Y - F29VS3020000029