Vtrak D5000 series and SMB signing Performance issue

SMB Signing

The SMB protocol is essential for file and print sharing and remote administration over networks. It incorporates SMB packet digital signing to prevent tampering by unauthorized parties during transmission.

SMB Signing is compatible with all SMB protocol versions.

Performance Impact of SMB Signing

Implementing SMB Signing can significantly impair SMB performance. One primary reason is the added CPU workload on the client side for signing each packet digitally. For instance, activating SMB Signing can reduce overall throughput from 875MiB/s to around 250MiB/s, as observed in non-multichannel sequential read throughput tests.

To mitigate this performance decline, you can deactivate Server Signing via the SMB settings in the D5000 series GUI.


The procedure for deactivating SMB signing on each client (Windows, Linux, and Mac OS) can be easily found via your preferred search engine online.