Creating Compressed Volumes with the Atlas S8+



The Atlas S8+ allows for the creation of compressed volumes. With compression enabled, files will take less space on disk than without compression. The Atlas S8+ supports three compression modes and and no compression.

Creating a compressed volume:

To create a compressed volume, select Create in the Volumes tab. Compression can be enabled or disabled from the Enable Compression option, but normal mode compression is enabled by default.

There are three types of compression supported.

  1. Normal: Standard inline file compression
  2. Zero reclaim: When a data block contains all zeros, it will not be written to disk, a special marker will be written.
  3. Generic zero reclaim: Reclaims some additional patterns in a data block, these data blocks are not written to disk, different special markers will be written.

Compression can be enabled in iSCSI LUNs.

Compression can be disabled in any LUN or Volume by editing the LUN, deselecting the Enable Compression box, then clicking Next. If a volume was created with no compression it can be enabled by editing the LUN or Volume.