The Vess RAID 1000 can be used for Network Attached Storage (NAS) configuration. You can opt to set the Vess to run ISCSI with a NAS LD. Follow the procedure below to set up a NAS LD

1) Open Webpam PROe for the Vess RAID and go to DISK ARRAY

2) Click on Disk Array and go to the ADVANCE CONFIGURATION option

3) Select the number of Hard Disks you wish to be apart of the ARRAY

4) Once you have selected the hard drives you will need to set up your NAS volume. Click Next to proceed to create the NAS volume in the Logical Disk Configuration

5) In the Logical Disk Configuration select the MOUNT POINT for the NAS LD

6) Select the RAID level

7) Select the size of the LD you wish to create ( this will be based on the number of hard drives assigned to the Disk  Array. Note that you can configure multiple LDs based on the availability of configurable space)

8) Once the RAID level and LD sizes are selected you can configure the stripe block or sector sizes for the array

9) Select the LD type as the last step. There will be two options: DAS and SAN or NAS. Select the option for NAS  and click  update

10) Once these selection have been completed press NEXT

11) The next page will display a final summary of the NAS LD. If all is correct you can press SUBMIT to formally complete the NAS

12) Once the volume is completed  you will need to create a file system. Press the CREATE FILE SYSTEM as the last option ( Note that the VESS will format the unit as  NFS)