Product: VTrak 15200

Platform: independent


1. Install the BIOS on the card. Check Qlogic web site for the latest BIOS.

2. Start the system, press Ctrl-Q or Alt-Q when BIOS screen for the QLA4010 pops up.

3. Select the "Configuration Settings" menu.

4. Select the "Host Adapter Settings".

5. Enable "Host Adapter BIOS".

6. Hit <Escape> to exit Host adapter settings screen.

7. Enter the "iSCSI Boot Settings"

8. Enable "iSCSI Boot"

9. Select "Primary Boot Device Settings".

10. Select "Target IP".

11. Enter the IP address of the target device.

12. Hit Escape to save the changes. The HBA will query all the devices attached.

13. Select the "Configuration Settings" menu.

14. Select the "iSCSI Boot Settings" option.

15. Select Target IP address and hit <Enter>

16. Select "Enter iSCSI Name" to enter the iSCSI name of VTrak15200. The iSCSI name will look like "". The actual iSCSI name of VTrak15200 can be retrieved via CLU.

17. Exit the BIOS and save the configuration.

18. Restart the system. Have Windows install CD in the CD drive to install Windows on the system.

19. Hit F6 when prompted to hit "F6" to install additional drivers.

20. Insert the QLA4010 Windows driver diskette and proceed through the OS install as if attached to a local device.

21. Restart the system after completing Windows installation. The system will do iSCSI boot with Windows from VTrak15200.