The PegasusPro comes preconfigured with ready-to-use storage. However, if you wish to delete the existing storage volumes and set up a new storage configuration, this section provides instructions on how to do so. The default storage configuration on the PegasusPro R16 includes one storage pool with the following storage volumes: PegasusPro_DAS1, PegasusPro_DAS1, and Team_Volume_01 with Public and Home folders.

 If you have deleted the default storage pool, the Pool menu will guide you through creating a new storage pool to initiate the configuration process. You can choose the Template option to create the default storage setup (one pool with two equally sized volumes), or you can opt for the Custom option to customize the storage configuration according to your preferences.

Pool List with no storage configuration

Create New Pool from Template

Template Option

The Template option will create everything in one step. You simply need to enter a name for the storage pool, click Yes or No to create or not create a spare drive and click on Create. The new pool will use all available drives for one storage pool with two volumes. When completed the Storage Pool List will look like the example here.


Pool List with Default Storage Configuration

Pool List Details