Redundancy Check is a routine maintenance procedure for fault-tolerant disk arrays (those with redundancy) that ensures all the data matches exactly. Redundancy Check can also correct inconsistencies.

Starting, Stopping, Pausing and Resuming Redundancy Check

To make Redundancy Check settings:

1. Click the Administration tab.

2. Click the Background Activities tab.

The list of background activities appears.

3. Use the check boxes to select the pools to run Redundancy Checks. Note that you can also enable/ disable Auto Fix and Pause on Error for each pool.

4. To begin Redundancy Check on existing pools, click the Start button. To Pause a Redundancy Check for a pool, click on the Gear icon for the pool and select Pause; click Resume to continue the Redundancy Check. To Stop a running Redundancy Check, click on the Gear icon, select Stop. Stopping Redundancy Check requires confirmation by typing “Confirm” in the Confirmation pop up menu and clicking on the Confirm button.

Redundancy Check actions menu