Learn which OS X builds are supported with the latest SR3.3 and VTrakFS client version
1.4.2-54047. When installing the VTrakFS client, ensure that you select and install the package for the specific OS.

FW Version
VTrakFS Client Version macOS 10.13  macOS 10.12 OS X 10.11 OS X 10.10 OS X 10.9 OS X 10.8 OS X 10.7
FW 1.16
 1.4.2-54047  ✓  ✓  ✓ ✓  ✓ 
FW 1.16
1.4.2-52197 X
FW 1.16
1.4.2-51616 X Does not support 
10.12.4 - 10.12.6 


If you install 1.4.2-51616 on macOS 10.12.4 or above, your macOS host will suffer from a kernel panic. 

This issue can be resolved by installing VTrakFS Client 1.4.2-52197.

If you've installed 1.4.2-51616 on macOS 10.12.4 or above, and are experiencing kernel panics in result of this action, you will need to boot your macOS host in Safe Mode to prevent the VTrakFS Client's kernel extension from loading.

1. Shutdown the macOS host.
2. Boot the machine holding Shift; which will prevent the kernel extension from launching at startup.
3. Run the uninstaller from /Applications/Uninstall VTrakFSClient.pkg
4. Reboot the machine when prompted from the uninstaller.
5. The macOS host will boot gracefully and will not crash.
6. Install VTrakFS Client 1.4.2-52197

Apple KB HT201262
Use safe mode to isolate issues with your Mac

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