Product: Vtrak 15100

Platform: Independant

Firmware/Bios Version: Any

Additional Description:

The following products have been tested by Promise and verified to be compatible with the VTrak subsystem. Products not on this list may or may not be compatible with VTrak.


Tested compatible Host Controllers:

SCSI Host Bus Adapters


• Dell PE1650 / Adaptec AIC-7899 [U160 SCSI]

• Dell PE2650 / Adaptec AIC-7899 [U160 SCSI]

• SunFire V120 / Qlogic Sun U3 Differential [U160 SCSI]

• IBM xSeries 345 / LSI Logic 1030 [U320 SCSI]

• HP / LSI Logic U320 SCSI [U320 SCSI]

• Adaptec 39320D [U320 SCSI]

• Adaptec 29160LP [U160 SCSI]

• Adaptec 29160 [U160 SCSI]

• Adaptec 39160 [U160 SCSI]

• LSI Logic LSI21320 [U320 SCSI]

• LSI Logic LSI22915A [U160 SCSI]

• LSI Logic LSI22903 [U160 SCSI]

• Qlogic 12160 [U160 SCSI]


SCSI RAID Adapters


• Dell PERC-3DC [U160 SCSI]

• LSI Logic MegaRAID 493 [U160 SCSI]

• IBM xSeries ServeRAID-4MX [U160 SCSI]

• Mylex 352 [U160 SCSI]

• HP SmartArray 5i [U160 SCSI]

• HP SmartArray 5300 [U160 SCSI]

• Adaptec 2200S [U320 SCSI]

• Adaptec 3210S [U160 SCSI]


Additional Information:

This is the list of current qualified and supported compatible products. If it is on this list then it has been tested

and approved for use. If it is not on this list then it is not supported. It may or may not work but it is not supported

by Promise.