EDIT (10-25-2022) - The Catalina client can be downloaded from here.

Mounting an A-class filesystem on Catalina with VTrakFSClient-1.4.2-64682.dmg

A new VTrakFS client has been released that's compatible with Catalina. But if you install it and try to mount a filesystem you will see this error.

In order to mount the filesystem you must manually enter the SAN client's IP in the A-class.

The next step will be to add proper permissions to the VTrakFS client. Catalina has made changes to the access of applications and it is necessary to manually give the VTrakFS client the necessary access.

Open System Preferances and go to Privacy and Security, then click on the Privacy tab.

Make sure the settings are unlocked, you will need the administrator password.

Then select Accessibility and add the VTRakFS client.

Next, select Full Disk Access and add the VTrakFS client.

You will get a warning that the access won't change till the access won't change till the app is restarted, for now click Later.


The last access permission we must add is 'sh' access.

To add 'sh' access we need to use the finder. Open a finder window and select Go to Folder.

Type in /bin

Drag the file 'sh' from the finder to the Privacy and Security window.

Now it's time to restart the VTrakFS client.

And restart it.

You can now mount the A-class filesystem.