Product: All VTrak M-500p/300p/200p

Product Description: VTrak M Class 320 Bus Reset

Platform: Any

Firmware/Bios Version: Most update as possible.

Additional Description: Adaptec 39320A-R and 29320ALP-R SCSI controllers attached to two different Servers.

Solution:Verified Disk array and volume. Configuration: 6.5TB RAID 5 with three Logical Disks. LUN Mapping set as LD0: TID 0, LUN 0, LD1: TID 1, LUN 0 and LD2: TID 2, LUN 0. Disk available under Windows 2003 SP1, but Windows Event Log kept reporting BUS RESET error occured. Enable the LUN support under his Adaptec 29320 controller. Adjusted LUN Mapping and set as LD0: TID 0, LUN 0, LD1: TID 0, LUN 1 and LD2: TID 0, LUN 2 and reboot the unit. Bus Reset error at BIOS eliminated. However, still gets errors at Windows Event Log. Verified SCSI driver has Windows 2003 driver. Manually download and update the SCSI device driver from the Adaptec web site. After the driver updated and reboot customer converted Dynamic volume to Basic. There's not a Bus Reset error found.

Additional Information: Need to walk thru and verify the array settings.