The scope of this document is to illustrate to a system administrator or technicians on how to properly replace the battery on the Promise D5000 Series and Promise E5000 Series.

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Battery Replacement Procedure

Step 1 – Shutdown the Controller

  1. Shutdown the target controller or the entire subsystem.

  2. In the GUI, go to the Administration tab > Subsystem Information; choose which Shutdown action you would like to apply to: Subsystem (both controllers), Controller 1, or Controller 2. In this example, we are shutting down Controller 1.

Step 2 – Unplug the Target Controller

  1. Unplug the target controller when the GUI connection is lost or shows the specific controller is shutting down.

  2. During the shutdown process of the whole subsystem, the PSU will stop outputting after it completed its shutdown process.

  3. Manually, turn off the PSU switch. 

  4. Unplug controller 1 to replace the battery.

Step 3 – Check LED and Disable Battery Power

  1. In normal conditions, all LEDs on the controller FRU (Field Replaceable Unit) will be turned off after the shutdown completes. Once this has been verified, physically unplug the controller.

  2. If any LED remains ON or Flashing, this signifies that the shutdown action did complete successfully and the controller is in a specific state (most likely, the controller is in C2F mode).

  3. Please wait (5) minutes to examine if the LEDs are turning off. If any LED remains ON or Flashing, please push "Password Reset Switch (RSVD)" to interrupt the process. The LEDs should turn OFF. If any of the LEDs still remain ON or Flashing, please document a case with Technical Support.

Step 4 – Wear Electrostatic Gloves and Bracelet

  1. To prevent EMI (Electromagnetic interference) damage to HW components, please wear electrostatic gloves and bracelet before replacing the battery.

Step 5 – Unmount Screws and Cover

  1. Unmount the three screws as illustrated in the (3) images below:


Step 6 – Unmount Screws and Battery

  1. Unmount the three screws to remove the battery:

Step 7 – Mount the New Battery and Screws

  1. Mount the new battery and proceed with the three screws on the battery module.

  2. Caution: Carefully mount the battery to the 2 x 13 battery connector header on the controller.

Step 8 – Mount the Cover and Screws to the FRU

  1. Mount the top cover and the three screws.


Step 9 – Insert Controller to Enclosure

  1. Insert the controller FRU to the enclosure.

  2. Wait for the controller to the boot completely.

  3. Please check in the GUI or CLI to ensure the controller was recognized and it booted successfully.

  4. If the whole subsystem was shutdown, please manually turn ON the (2) PSU switches after replacing the batteries on both controllers.

Additional Information – Battery PN (Part Number)

  1. Please always retrieve the PN from the battery's label.

  2. G32800011007300 BATTERY.7.3V.2000mAh.Rechargeable Lithium-ion 
    battery pack.two LG Cell:18650HD2.2000mAh.2S1P.GLW:7299-0A02A00017 REV:A

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