Atlas: Using OneDrive to Backup your Files


It is important to backup your files as data-loss can come from many directions, from natural occurrences such as a lightning strike or flood to man-made occurrences such as viruses or ransomware. Backups to a remote location are safest as a disaster that takes down your storage will probably take down your backups if they are on the same premises.

The safest backup solutions are backups to the cloud. The Atlas supports backups to several cloud storage solutions, this Knowledge Base article will show how to backup to Microsoft OneDrive.

OneDrive Backup:

First, create a Shared Folder to associate with OneDrive.

Next, doubl;e click the Cloud Sync app and click Create Job.

Click the One Drive icon then Add Account.

After the account has been added, select it from the Cloud Target pulldown menu and click Next,

You will be taken to the Microsoft OneDrive login page. If you see a browser security warning it is safe to proceed, the OneDrive login page is encrypted.

Once logged into OneDrive you can now create backup jobs to it by clicking the Create Jobs button. Be sure to enable OneDrive by turning it on.