No. Seeing high NonRWRequest does not indicate a problem with the drives or unit. The high count is incorrect and erroneous. It can safely be ignored. 

Firmware 5.04.0000.36 and older exhibit the incorrect high NonRWRequest count.   

An upcoming firmware release will correctly monitor NonRWRequest and give accurate results.

PhyDrvId: 3
DataTransferred: 61.06GB
ReadDataTransferred: 18.96GB           WriteDataTransferred: 42.10GB
Errors: 0                              NonRWErrors: 0
ReadErrors: 0                          WriteErrors: 0
IORequest: 1,084,468                   NonRWRequest: 636,662
ReadIORequest: 35,810                  WriteIORequest: 411,996
StatsStartTime: Dec 11, 2014 07:44:58
StatsCollectionTime: Dec 11, 2014 15:07:02