Question 1:  Is the Apollo upgradable?

While the hardware is not upgradable, new features have been added in software updates. The Apollo firmware can be easily updated from the Apollo app.


Question 2:  Is the Apollo expandable?

An Apollo (Apollo 1 or Cloud 2 Duo) can be mirrored to an identical Apollo (same model, drive size and drive configuration). The mirror is created with the Apollo app and the initial mirror operation should be done with both Apollos on the same network.


Question 3:  Can a failed Apollo hard drive be replaced by the user?

At this time drives are not user replaceable, in case of a drive failure please contact Technical Support for an RMA of the Apollo.


Question 4: Does Promise Offer Drive replacements for the Apollo Cloud 2 under warranty?

If a drive fails, please contact Technical Support and Promise will RMA the Apollo.

If the Apollo is a Cloud 2 Duo with a RAID 1, be sure to copy your data off before RMAing the Apollo.