In the event that a RAID head needs to be power cycled for X reason (firmware upgrade, RAID Head reset or for what ever reason) it is strongly recommended to power cycle the JBODs (Jx10s) as well.



1. Power off RAID Head.

2. Power off JBODs

3. Turn on JBODs (make sure these are fully booted)

4. Turn on RAID Head.


SR 2.3 based code (3.28.0000.00 or higher) will upgrade the JBODs automatically via in-band If the firmware on the JBOD is not 1.07.0000.03 (latest expander firmware for JBOD bundled in SR 2.3). The above steps are crucial in order for the JBOD expander firmware to take effect.


Note: In order for the firmware upgrade to take effect on the JBODs the following is necessary:


  1. RAID Head will need 3.28.0000.00 before the in-band firmware upgrade will be successful
  2. After the in-band flash the JBOD needs to be reset in order for the JBOD firmware update to take effect.

Firmware Version Information:

  • VTrak E-Class E310f/E310s/E610f/E610s 3.28.0000.00 (Multi Image)
    (File Name: e310_fw_multi_20080218_32mb.img)
  • Vtrak E-Class E310f/E310s/E610f/E610s 1.05.0000.00 configuration partition image
    (File Name: e310_confuser_20080218_32mb.img)

Please make sure all the above components are flashed before proceeding further


ATTN Mac users: Mac users that purchased E-Class product from the "Apple Authorized Reseller" will have 3.29.0000.00 E-Class firmware and the JBOD will be 1.07.0000.04 or newer.