• What is Acronis Backup and Recovery Server OEM?
Acronis Backup and Recovery Server OEM for VessRAID 1000 Series is a customized 3rd party software that provides easy-to-use backup, recovery, and security solutions for businesses to protect data.

  • What’s the difference between regular ABR10AS and ABRS OEM for VessRAID 1000 Series?
The ABRS OEM for VessRAID 1000 Series is a special made version that will detect VessRAID device presence during installation and provides limited functions compared to Acronis’s standard ABR10 Advance Server software.

  • Where do I get the ABRS OEM software and how does it work?
The ABRS OEM will bundle ship with the new VessRAID 1000 PLUS series in a CD that encompasses a single license key, user’s manual, QSG, and software binary.  Follow installation guide to complete the setup.

  • I already have a VessRAID purchased earlier, can I get the software for use?
Yes, visit PROMISE website and search corresponding downloads for your VessRAID.

  • Which PROMISE products are covered?
The ABRS OEM covers only VessRAID 1000 Series product line.

  • Why single license?  Does that mean I can only backup one client application to the VessRAID?
Yes, the ABRS OEM bundle program provides a single license key for use, free of charge, that allows users to backup one client application to the VessRAID.

  • Do you provide any unlimited version for use?
Yes, we provide an Upgrade Kit that additional “unlimited” license is included, it would allow unlimited number of backup client applications.

  • Where do I purchase the Upgrade Kit?
You can purchase the Upgrade Kit that consists of a piece of PROMISE hardware (SmartStor NS2600) and a separately provided “unlimited” license through global authorized distributors and resellers.

  • Can I buy the Upgrade Kit for my VessRAID already in use?
Yes, you can purchase the Upgrade Kit for your VessRAID subsystems already in use.

  • Can I upgrade to full version ABR10 Advanced Server?
The ABRS OEM for VessRAID 1000 Series can be upgraded to regular version ABR10 Advanced Server with full functions enable.  A special “Upgrade” button is available in the GUI and opens upgrade purchasing landing page in web browser where user can purchase upgrades to regular Acronis software.  Or you can visit Acronis web that provides a direct link for upgrade at http://www.acronis.com/backup-recovery/server-windows/oem/upgrade/index.html

  • What should I do if I accidentally lost the ABRS OEM unlimited version license key?
The unlimited license comes with the installation CD when you purchase the Upgrade Kit that provides two identical license key# for use.  One is printed on the sticker body, the other is a removable sticker that can be applied to the PROMISE hardware if you follow the installation guide.  If none of said was done, please report your case to http://support.promise.com/ or regional tech support with the Upgrade Kit hardware (SmartStor NS2600
) product serial number to obtain the missing unlimited license key.

  • How much do I pay for the full version upgrade?
We do not comment on Acronis’s pricing strategy for the upgrade, contact Acronis for details.

  • When upgrading existing software from ABRS OEM to the full version ABR10 Advanced Server, what happens to the old license?
As you need to import a brand new license of ABR10 Advanced Server to activate full functions of the software, the old license is no longer valid.

  • Can I purchase the full version ABR10 Advance Server directly from PROMISE?
No, the full version ABR10 Advance Server is only through Acronis authorized resellers.  Contact Acronis local sales representative for pricing and availability.

  • Does the ABRS OEM come in different version to different VessRAID models?
No, there is only one single ABRS OEM build for the entire VessRAID 1000 Series.