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Vess Family General Topic: Create an Service Report before you contact Promise Technical Support.
Promise Technology posted this 21 April 2021 - Last edited 23 April 2021


In Case you need technical support please visit:


PROMISE provides this interface as a simple way to communicate electronically with technical support 24 hours a day. 


From here you can register your PROMISE branded gear, Open support tickets and even get authorization to replace failed components. 

For the fastest service register your product in advance, before there is a problem. 

Registration ensures PROMISE has the details about your installation and warranty status.

Step 1. Register yourself as a user

Step 2. Register your product

Step 3. Open a case to communicate directly with a PROMISE technical support person about your installation


Note, please disable the Pop Up Blocker for this side

Please attach the Service Report from your Vess A Product to the support case.

Here is a small Video how to create the Service Report  (For a better view, click on full screen):






Vess J3000 Series How to save the Service Report in Vess R3000 Series
Raghuraman Kannan posted this 27 February 2020

In most of the Troubleshooting scenarios, Promise Support will need the Service report to diagnose the problem. It will contain the event logs, configuration details and the status of all Hardware components.

We can save the report in 2 methods.

Saving from the Home Page:

  1. Login to the Web Interface of the unit.
  2. Click the “Download” Icon on the Top Right Corner of the screen to generate the report.
  3. It will save the report as the compressed zip folder.
  4. You can then unzip the compressed the zip folder to view the generated report.  

Note: It might few minutes to generate the report depending on the size of the array configuration.

Saving from Administration Tab:

  1. Login to the Web Interface of the unit and Click the Administration tab
  2. Click the Import/Export
  3. Click the Export
  4. You will have option to export multiple reports, choose “Service Report
  5. Click Submit to save the file.
  6. A Progress bar will appear indicating the status of the export request.
  7. Service report will be saved as a compressed zip folder.